In my maths class I have been learning about the Olympics and what it has to do with maths. We looked at Mitchell Watts’s silver medal long jump and what it had to do with maths. We found the distance and it could add up as a decimal for example 8.31 would be 8 and 31 hundredths. we also saw the time that was on the video and stuff like that.

We have also been learning about adding numbers e.g. you roll a 9 sided dice 4 times then you add them for example 4+5-3+7 stuff like that.

We have also been choosing a sport and draw a picture with stuff to do about maths. I did basketball and mine had shapes numbers and angles.

Lately in maths we have been focusing on division. Are teacher Mr Hindson calls it ninja maths. It’s a work sheet that as such hard questions it’s not funny. We have also been learning algebra and ratios. We true down 5 eels 5cm 10cm 15cm 25cm eels. We had to answer hard as questions and you had to find a certain pattern to find the answer. It has been really hard in maths but weird how I’m actually enjoying it so that’s a good sign. I also really think that I have improved so much this year so I am really happy with me self.

In maths I Have been learning on how to make a work shop I’m doing it with 2 of my friends and were doing it about multiplacation. We did 3 massive sheets of paper about what we new about multiplacation. I don’t think that I have been working my best lately so I’m going to try to work a bit harder.

2 thoughts on “Maths

  1. Hi Darcy,
    It sounds like Maths is lots of fun! What do you find difficult? What do you find easy? What could you work on?
    Miss Mahon

    • Hey Miss Mahon at the moment I’m not finding anything difficult in maths but I’m still learning somthing everyday, just like I want to!

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