In Literacy we have a rubric that we have to complete every 2 weeks. We need to do peer feedback witch is writing about someone else’s story, The next one is letter writing, this week we had to write a letter to an Olympian, another one is BTN that stands for behind the news and what we have to do is watch a video and respond on our blogs, we also did a chain story as a class and we had to type it up and put it on our blog, another one is a newspaper article, this time we had to find a article about the Olympics and write about it, the next one is read to self, then the last one is called good fit book and you have to write stuff about the book your reading.

In Literacy did a role play. In my group there was Oliver Poole, Lachlan Stonhouse and I. We learnt that you had to speak loudly, face the front, be confident, stand in the middle and the front of the stage. My group and I faced the front all the time, we were very loud, we were super confident, we tried to stand in the middle of the stage and we were always at the front of the stage too. We could maybe made a longer script so the audients could of watched it longer, we could of used dress ups and could of also used more expression. I could of maybe not of had a script to improve my personal learning.
Overall I rate my groups role play an 8 out of 10!

In literacy I have been doing my rubric like all ways and this weak I have learnt about a bunch of protesters called and there group is called close the gap. They are protesting about us and aboriginals be equal to what we get by 2030 they have got the governments side on the argument and I reckon that they’re going to win. I thought that I explained what they were trying to do pretty well in my book but thought I could improve on my hand writing. I think that to challenge myself I could have maybe done an extra paragraph.

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  1. Hi Darcy,
    What have you learnt in one of the workshops? Did you learn a new skill? What did you find difficult?
    Keep up your fantastic efforts! You have shown great leadership skills this term and have been making good learning choices! Keep up your fantastic efforts, you should be proud of yourself 🙂
    Miss Mahon

    • Hey Miss Mahon thanks for fantastic comment and I will try and keep the hard work up! I also found the e-drop really hard to figer out at the start but this week I really got the meening.

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