Big Idea

Mind, Body and Soul


On the mind I have learn’t alot I learnt about nerons and stuff like that it has been really great. I also learnt that their are lots of different parts in the brain that do different things.

With the body we did little activites like for example mini me we made a mini version f us out of paper. We also tasted food and I learnt that senses you don’t use your mind you use your body.

The last one was the soul my favourite I learnt that your soul makes you relax and that it is something that nobody can see but you can feel. I also learnt that you only think about your mistakes mostly when you go to bed.

For the rest of the term I am going to be using my intrest of WATER SKIING to link in withour topic of Mind, Body and Soul and complete 2 tasks that I have negotiated with the 5/6 teachers.

Negotiated task 1: I can do a prezi about my interview from a pro water skier.

Negotiated task 2: I can write how to water ski my way and show how someone else did it on a poster.

To get these tasks completed I need to:
.Write information from my interview.
.I need to write down information and search inforemation and then put it on a poster.

So far I recen that im doing really good I planed to do a prezi on a intetrview on a professinal water skier, make my own wake skate because I really suck at art, I wanted to do three really big posters and a fare bit of little posters. I have done a wake skate, I have done three really big posters and a fare bit of little ones. I have learnt that the to top things to eat to help you water ski are bannanas and tea, I have also learnt that it takes a lot of skill to make wake skate, I have learnt alot of tecneces from the internet. Im still working on my wake skate finished the board but havent done the grip and the fins but have them sitting at home, and I don’t think I can do the prezi but I’m trying.

My Big Idea
*I did not to everything on my task proposal.
*I thought that my assessment was very good.
*I was not very happy with my peer assessment.
*I thought that my teacher assessment was no were near as bad.
*I always remember how much I learnt.
*I am most proud of my wake skate.
*I got a lot better at Listening.
*I would have liked to get better marks.
*I need to improve on not rushing.
*I still wonder why I got such bad marks.
*I was surprised that I got bad marks.
*The most important thing that I learnt was that working comes first not talking to friends.
*I can now use what I learnt for term 3.
*I wish I had the computer more.

Hey guy its term3 and I’m here to tell you all about my big idea, first I’m going to tell you what I did than how I did it! Ok I have done a world map and I have named all the countries and in a different colour I write were every single Summer Olympic game had been held and just for a bit of an extra I did 3 whole pages about landmarks if you ever go to the Olympics. I also did a prezi, now I wasn’t very good at prezi so I thought that I might challenge myself because nothing excites me more than a challenge. I did my prezi about a country that I had never heard about that has attended the Olympics and I absorbed as much information as I could and I write it all down on my prezi, I learnt how to write in circles, how to make a path, how to zoom in and out and I can say loads more! I also did a persuasive text about why the Olympics should be in Melbourne now this persuasive text was 2 pages long but, I wanted a challenge so I jumped on the computer and searched up fun facts and wrote a whole page about fun facts it was so fun. I also did a massive cube but I didn’t know how to and it wasn’t my go for computers so what I did is brought it home and I searched up on youtube how to make a cube and put some hard questions on their!

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