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Five Card Story: My Life

a Five Card Flickr story created by Darcy

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flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by Serenae

My name is George and this story is about my life. I work at a chocolate factory and make thousands of little bits of chocolate a day, I love to look in the water and see the fish swimming and imagon the fish in black and white. I have a child who draws these spickey birds on my drive way twenty four seven. I live in a human gas house on the top of hill so I always watch the sunrise in the morning. Last but not least I love trees some people would call me a hippy but I just ignore them. There you have it the story of my life!

Sensors poetry

The Movies

I see a humungase big screen t.v, kids running around and the flashing lights.

I hear the sound from the t.v, kids giggling and the sound of my brother chomping away on his popcorn.

I smell the popcorn, Pepsi right at my nose and the chocolate pods that my brothers eating.

I taste the salty buttery popcorn on my lips, the fuzzy Pepsi and he the crunchy but gooy pods.

I feel my chair as I wriggle to try to get confatable, the atmisfear as everyone goes quite and the popcorn that I’m shuving into my mouth.

super trawler

There is a massive fishing boat called the super trawler. It is around about half to a quarter the size of the titanic and catches tones of fish a day. There are protesters and the whole government is trying to take down the super trawler but the owners refuse. It will mean that thousands of fish will be lost every day because they will not stop. To many fish are being caught and it might lead to extension in the future so I agree with the government a hundred percent!

Dogs give blood!

Dogs are giving blood all over the world and it is amazing how brave a dog can be because straight forward I wouldn’t give blood to save myself. But dogs don’t get blood taken from the arm like humans they get blood taken from a big vain called the jugular but they still use the same needle, tube and plastic box to take the blood. There was a dog recently saved from eating rat poison and had three loads of blood injected into its body to flush down the poison.

Writing Workshop

I’m in a dessert and I can just see sand and one palm tree, I can hear and feel the wind blowing the sand on to my face like there’s a tornado. I can taste the sand blowing in my mouth and I can smell a little bit of fresh air when I finally reach the palm tree.

Bloging challenge

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I’m in a dark room it could be my final day. I need to really use my brain to get out of here. I’m trapped in a room with solid brick walls and whispers changing what they say. There are boxes around me and they are completely empty. I’ve touched all of the bricks but one I touch it, then a door opens behind me, I go inside, I step one foot in the room and I heard someone scream monstrosity. I go back into the room and see shadows of rats on the wall that look like their 8 foot tall. I see vines on the walls and their turning in to dirt not bricks. 30 minutes of walking I see a light in the distance what could it be. I ran at it and every step I took it got further and further away. I was running for an hour and the light is still running away. I stop running and for some reason it was coming towards me and it was a car. No one was in the car I jumped in and the car started to drive all the way till I saw a massive. To Be Continued

100 Word Challenge-student prompt

I am Darcy, I live on a farm with pigs, bunnies and pineapples. Its a great life on the farm when it’s hot you sit under the trees and when it’s cold it’s not so could because, the pigs are snorting like no tomorrow and you can’t get to sleep until they get to sleep. But we’re not always at the farm when schools over my Dad my Mum and I go to the beach to go surfing. The surf is great it’s nice and calm no ones on the water so the beach is all ares except for the gymnastics team there on it every week.