Science Experiment

To begin, the oil stays above the water because the oil is lighter than the water or less dense than the water. The oil and the water do not mix because of something called intermolecular polarity. Molecular polarity basically means that water molecules are attracted to other water molecules. They get along fine, and can loosely bond together. This is similar to magnets that are attracted to each other. When you add the tablet piece, it sinks to the bottom and dissolves while creating a gas. As the gas bubbles rise, they take some of the coloured water with them. When the blob of water reaches the top, the gas escapes and down goes the water.

The Night in the Woods

One dark night there were three teenagers Fred, Jim and Max they were eating bake beans and all of a sudden they heard a “HOOOOW”. They all immediately grabbed their torches and went looking in the woods. The goose bumps on their legs were growing, the sweat on their foreheads was like a waterfall washing away. They stopped as they heard footsteps. They were breathing louder than an avalanche. Then all of a sudden… “AWWWWW” “RAWWWWW”!

Jim ran and yelled “There’s a wear Wolf”, they all ran for their lives the evil beast was following their every footstep. Then all f a sudden Max fainted Fred screamed” MAAAXX”, he quickly put him on his shoulders and slapped him in the face constantly “AWW” yelled Max were am I “oh just running away from a WEAR WOLF yelled Fred” “Then put me down shouted Max” Max jumped of Fred’s back. I think we lost him. They all packed their stuff and never came back again.

Max, Fred and Jim were found dead in their car with someone else on top of them.

Jeannie Baker

Jeannie Baker was born on the second of November 1950. She is an author and illustrator of lots of children’s picture books, which are all based on the same moral, the world changes every day. Jeannie Baker’s best book so far is Where the Forest meet the Sea. Jeannie Baker was born in Croydon, England and went to art Colledege at Brighton Polytechnic, before going to live in Australia in 1975 and started writing children’s books. Jeannie Baker is known for using the environment in her paintings and for her morals in her stories. Jeannie Baker is a multi-award winner. I think that Jeannie Baker is a good author and illustrator because she puts heart, soul, nature and care in everything she does!

Student Blogging Challenge

Michael Jackson– Why did you even think about naming your child blanket?

My Nonna– What was your delishes pasta recipe?

George Washington– Did you really never lie?

Kevin Rudd– Where you really such a terrible laughfer?

Brandan Fevola– Why did you choose to be an alcoholeic?

Ben Cousins– Why did you even think about taking drugs?

Noah Gadsby– Why are you such a bad singer?

Reece Mastin– Why do you think your so cool?

Lance Armstrong– Why did you blow your whole carer on drugs?

My Brother Joel– Why do you think that your so good lookin?

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100 Word Challenge :)

Where driving to school and where late, again. Mums driving as slow as a snail we tell her to hurry up but she doesn’t listen. I have a school expo today so I don’t want to be late I want to get setup nice and early, obviously my family doesn’t understand. It just had to be the day that every single traffic light it seems to be red. We have just hit the roundabout and then the car stopped suddenly, ahhhhhhhhh I scream I’m going to be late for the expo. Surely my day could not get any worse 🙁

Assmirs Diary

It’s Thursday and we have finally reached the crossing to get across the border. The police man said” passport please” I was so nervous were we going to make it through I was desperate, I was scared and I was very doubt full. I was thinking of my Dad back home and how lonely and sad he would be back at home. He looked at are passports and said” I will be back in just a second. I was startled as my grandma held my hand and I could feel her sweaty hands me. I heard a bang it was a door I take a big gulp and here what he has to say. As there was a silent moment he said”….. Here you go you may go straight through. We were all in a sign of relief and we were so happy to not be refuges. We drove to a man that would lead us to Criss apartment was we were going to be staying. He let me hop in his limo but I couldn’t speak English so I didn’t understand him. He led us the way to Criss apartment and we rushed in the apartment. He left us lots of toys that we could play with but we could only stay for 3 weeks.

blue beetle.

Information Report-Tigers

Tigers are amazing animals that are found mostly around Asia. The males are a lot different from the females for example- The male tigers grow a lot faster than the female tigers.

Tigers are from all over Asia and some other places to. There are 5 different tigers and there called the Bengall tiger, Siberian tiger, Indo-Chinease tiger, Sumatran tiger and the South china tiger and all of their names is a clue to were they live.

Male tigers and female tigers are very different, but one of the main things is when the Male and the Female mate and the Male tiger leaves and the Female has to take care of the baby.

For the first 8 weeks cubs stay in the den were they we’re born because it takes a while for there eyes to open perfectly and it takes a while for them to be able to walk.

Tigers struggle to see still objects but they can easily see moving objects, they also have very high hearing skills they can hear there pray from a very very very long way away.

Tigers are one of the most dangerous animals in the world exotically males and there best sence is there hearing and there eyesight when something is moving.


On 9th and the 2ND of November the 5/6s went surfing. To be honest I didn’t really like surfing I hated the called water, the big waves and most of all getting Sault water up your nose and in your mouth. On the first day we went to point Addis. I don’t mind point Addis because the waves are nice and small. When we got there the sun was out and it was a spectacular day. We straight away got are wetsuits on, did some pop ups on the sand, then did some stretches and went straight in the water. I never thought that I would like surfing, but when I got up on my first wave I felt a sight of relief and I was actually enjoying it. After Surfing for 3 hours we had to get out of the water. I really didn’t want to get out because I was having so much fun but they said that I had to leave 🙁 After I finally got out they said that we were doing beach activates so we all quickly grab the cricket gear and start playing.
After that it was time to leave. On the second day I was really excited because my favourite person in the world was coming, my brother Joel. We had nippers first witch to be honest wasn’t very could but having Joel their made it better. We did sprints, flags and then we did some kind of water race. Then we got some chips and a drink for lunch. After that we grabbed a board each, did some pop ups, then some stretches then we did a bit of a jog and then we hoped in the water. Me and Joel decided to see who could catch the most waves, of course I won 14-8 but we didn’t really care about the scores we were having too much fun. IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER