Andy Griffiths Biography

Andy Griffiths is a popular, bestselling kid’s author from Australia. The Day My Butt Went Psycho! Is his first title published in the United States. It sold over 100,000 copies and made it to the New York Times, Booklist, and USA Today bestseller lists. He is the winner of the first annual Young Australian Readers’ Award and was short listed for the Young Australian’s Best Book Award.

Zombie Butts from Uranus, published in the spring 2004, is the second book in the series. Our hero Zack needs to stop an invasion of Zombie Butts from taking over the planet, or Earth is doomed to suffer the tyranny of the stickiest space invaders this side of Uranus.
Before he introduced Australia to butts gone berserk, Andy Griffiths unleashed the Just books, outlandish collections of silly stories that turned him into a bestselling sensation. Now Andy brings his insane brand of humor to this side of the Pacific and American readers won’t believe what they’ve been missing! Just annoying is a CBC Notable Australian children’s book, Young Australian’s Best Book Award Children’s Choice Award.

Andy gets his wild and funny story ideas from ordinary life. When he is not writing kids books, he is in constant demand to speak at schools and writing workshops. His experience as a teacher, his easy going manner, and his side splitting sense of humor all combine to make him popular with students of all ages.

He was born on the 3rd Sept, 1961 in Melbourne, Australia. He is married and has two daughters. He has two younger sisters and their names are Susan and Julie. He spent his spare time reading, watching movies, listening to music, running, swimming and cycling. He used to have a dog called Sooty and a cat called Silky. His favourite computer games were Space Invaders and Lemmings.
His favourite food is Smoothies! Before writing he was a Taxi driver, English teacher and lead singer and songwriter for a variety of crazy punk bands.


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