R.E Homework: Vietnam

The Population of Vietnam- The population of Vietnam is huge because it has 77 million people just in Vietnam.

What Vietnam People Eat- Vietnam people eat Rice, Fish, Duck, Geese, Bamboo Shoots, Sweet Potato, Soybeans and Onions

The Cultures of people in Vietnam- One of the cultures in Vietnam is the meaning of Vietnamese New Year. The festival which is best at being perfect at Vietnam’s cultural identity is Vietnamese New year or Tet. Popular festivals play a major role as mirror and guardian of a nation’s cultural identity. In this aspect, the festival which best epitomizes Vietnam’s cultural identity is Tet.

Vietnam’s religions- The most believed in religion in Vietnam is Buddhism, which is also one of the world’s great religions. Buddhism was introduced into Vietnam under the Chinese domination, in the second century B.C., by Chinese immigrants and by Indian preachers coming by sea. Buddhism became the state religion of Vietnam under Ly Dynasty (1010-1214). Several kings took the cassock or retired into a pagoda after their abdication. Buddhist monks served as counsellors to the king at court. Since the Tran Dynasty (1225-1440), Buddhism has lost the status of a state religion but nevertheless remained the dominant religion in Vietnam and a major cultural force.

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