Reflection for Maths Workshop

Day 1

Today we created a website and put one product on. The store is virtial and we named it super savings. The price of anti stick asics powder was $25 and now is $15. Most things are on special.

Day 2

Today we put another 2 items on our website. The first one was 30% off and the second was 66.66666% off. I learned that it is easy to find the percentage if it is 100 or 1000.
Day 3

Today I learned another way hoe to find a percentage and that way is finding 10% then times it by how much you want. We also put another 2 items on our shop.

Today we created another website and put another item on it. We also spent a lot of time trying to figure out the percentage of our item but we used all that we knew to get it.

We have finished 2 websites and have gained a 15% profit and we learned a lot of different ways to find percentages.

Here are the links to both of the websites 🙂



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