The Night in the Woods

One dark night there were three teenagers Fred, Jim and Max they were eating bake beans and all of a sudden they heard a “HOOOOW”. They all immediately grabbed their torches and went looking in the woods. The goose bumps on their legs were growing, the sweat on their foreheads was like a waterfall washing away. They stopped as they heard footsteps. They were breathing louder than an avalanche. Then all of a sudden… “AWWWWW” “RAWWWWW”!

Jim ran and yelled “There’s a wear Wolf”, they all ran for their lives the evil beast was following their every footstep. Then all f a sudden Max fainted Fred screamed” MAAAXX”, he quickly put him on his shoulders and slapped him in the face constantly “AWW” yelled Max were am I “oh just running away from a WEAR WOLF yelled Fred” “Then put me down shouted Max” Max jumped of Fred’s back. I think we lost him. They all packed their stuff and never came back again.

Max, Fred and Jim were found dead in their car with someone else on top of them.

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