Student Blogging Challenge

Michael Jackson– Why did you even think about naming your child blanket?

My Nonna– What was your delishes pasta recipe?

George Washington– Did you really never lie?

Kevin Rudd– Where you really such a terrible laughfer?

Brandan Fevola– Why did you choose to be an alcoholeic?

Ben Cousins– Why did you even think about taking drugs?

Noah Gadsby– Why are you such a bad singer?

Reece Mastin– Why do you think your so cool?

Lance Armstrong– Why did you blow your whole carer on drugs?

My Brother Joel– Why do you think that your so good lookin?

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2 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge

  1. G’day Darcy,
    A great variety of people to interview and I like that your questions mainly start with why. That means an explanation needs to be given.

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