Assmirs Diary

It’s Thursday and we have finally reached the crossing to get across the border. The police man said” passport please” I was so nervous were we going to make it through I was desperate, I was scared and I was very doubt full. I was thinking of my Dad back home and how lonely and sad he would be back at home. He looked at are passports and said” I will be back in just a second. I was startled as my grandma held my hand and I could feel her sweaty hands me. I heard a bang it was a door I take a big gulp and here what he has to say. As there was a silent moment he said”….. Here you go you may go straight through. We were all in a sign of relief and we were so happy to not be refuges. We drove to a man that would lead us to Criss apartment was we were going to be staying. He let me hop in his limo but I couldn’t speak English so I didn’t understand him. He led us the way to Criss apartment and we rushed in the apartment. He left us lots of toys that we could play with but we could only stay for 3 weeks.

blue beetle.

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