Information Report-Tigers

Tigers are amazing animals that are found mostly around Asia. The males are a lot different from the females for example- The male tigers grow a lot faster than the female tigers.

Tigers are from all over Asia and some other places to. There are 5 different tigers and there called the Bengall tiger, Siberian tiger, Indo-Chinease tiger, Sumatran tiger and the South china tiger and all of their names is a clue to were they live.

Male tigers and female tigers are very different, but one of the main things is when the Male and the Female mate and the Male tiger leaves and the Female has to take care of the baby.

For the first 8 weeks cubs stay in the den were they we’re born because it takes a while for there eyes to open perfectly and it takes a while for them to be able to walk.

Tigers struggle to see still objects but they can easily see moving objects, they also have very high hearing skills they can hear there pray from a very very very long way away.

Tigers are one of the most dangerous animals in the world exotically males and there best sence is there hearing and there eyesight when something is moving.

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