On 9th and the 2ND of November the 5/6s went surfing. To be honest I didn’t really like surfing I hated the called water, the big waves and most of all getting Sault water up your nose and in your mouth. On the first day we went to point Addis. I don’t mind point Addis because the waves are nice and small. When we got there the sun was out and it was a spectacular day. We straight away got are wetsuits on, did some pop ups on the sand, then did some stretches and went straight in the water. I never thought that I would like surfing, but when I got up on my first wave I felt a sight of relief and I was actually enjoying it. After Surfing for 3 hours we had to get out of the water. I really didn’t want to get out because I was having so much fun but they said that I had to leave 🙁 After I finally got out they said that we were doing beach activates so we all quickly grab the cricket gear and start playing.
After that it was time to leave. On the second day I was really excited because my favourite person in the world was coming, my brother Joel. We had nippers first witch to be honest wasn’t very could but having Joel their made it better. We did sprints, flags and then we did some kind of water race. Then we got some chips and a drink for lunch. After that we grabbed a board each, did some pop ups, then some stretches then we did a bit of a jog and then we hoped in the water. Me and Joel decided to see who could catch the most waves, of course I won 14-8 but we didn’t really care about the scores we were having too much fun. IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER

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