Andy Griffiths Biography

Andy Griffiths is a popular, bestselling kid’s author from Australia. The Day My Butt Went Psycho! Is his first title published in the United States. It sold over 100,000 copies and made it to the New York Times, Booklist, and USA Today bestseller lists. He is the winner of the first annual Young Australian Readers’ Award and was short listed for the Young Australian’s Best Book Award.

Zombie Butts from Uranus, published in the spring 2004, is the second book in the series. Our hero Zack needs to stop an invasion of Zombie Butts from taking over the planet, or Earth is doomed to suffer the tyranny of the stickiest space invaders this side of Uranus.
Before he introduced Australia to butts gone berserk, Andy Griffiths unleashed the Just books, outlandish collections of silly stories that turned him into a bestselling sensation. Now Andy brings his insane brand of humor to this side of the Pacific and American readers won’t believe what they’ve been missing! Just annoying is a CBC Notable Australian children’s book, Young Australian’s Best Book Award Children’s Choice Award.

Andy gets his wild and funny story ideas from ordinary life. When he is not writing kids books, he is in constant demand to speak at schools and writing workshops. His experience as a teacher, his easy going manner, and his side splitting sense of humor all combine to make him popular with students of all ages.

He was born on the 3rd Sept, 1961 in Melbourne, Australia. He is married and has two daughters. He has two younger sisters and their names are Susan and Julie. He spent his spare time reading, watching movies, listening to music, running, swimming and cycling. He used to have a dog called Sooty and a cat called Silky. His favourite computer games were Space Invaders and Lemmings.
His favourite food is Smoothies! Before writing he was a Taxi driver, English teacher and lead singer and songwriter for a variety of crazy punk bands.


Book Report Homework


Refugee is a book about a boy called Ali that goes to Australia on a refugee boat and gets sent Woomera (Sydney). It goes into a detention centre witch is horrible and they give them stale bread and it is stinking hot.  Ali and a friend he met at the detention centre get let out of the detention centre but are not free yet. But they are living in a much better lifestyle they are going to school and getting good nice food and they get $10 pocket money every week. They are also finding school very hard and they are going to a Port Adelaide game because the person that is looking after them loves Port Adelaide!



Today I woke up like it was 8:00 it was fantastic I quickly got dressed had breakfast and went off to school. When I got there I played footy with my friend Callum. After that I went inside and we did maths and literacy and then we had snack. At play time we played a game of footy and it was so much fun everyone was diving for the ball in excitement! Then when the bell went we all rushed inside to do silent reading in my book Allah finally got out of the refugee camp (refugee prison) and went to a nice home were a very kind men was looking after them. They could eat whatever they wanted to and got pocket money. Than after silent reading we had to do religion, religion is my least favourite subject but sometimes you just have to do it. Then It was lunch time and we went outside we played footy again and it was so fun! When we were done we went inside and did some Big Idea. After that we had a massive clean up and then we headed home. When I got home I had some Weat Bix and watched some TV and then played some basketball. Then we had pasta for dinner and then I went to bed.



Today I woke up and felt like dying. I couldn’t move and I felt like a zombie. I did the usual and went to school. I got to school just on time so then I had to rush inside. We did maths and it was really easy because a part of it you had to do in minecraft and was called coordinates and you had to use X, –X, Y and –Y. Then we did literacy and had snack. It was a wet day program today so we just stayed inside and played run2. When that finished we did silent reading and the religion and then we had lunch. We stayed inside again and watched mighty ducks. After that we did big idea and went home. When I got home I had some cereal and played Minecraft than I had dinner and went to sleep.



Today I woke up nice and bright and got ready for school. When I got there the bell started going so I rushed inside. Today we practiced the coordinates in maths and then we did literacy. After that we had snack and we played football again and my team dominated it was a boring game. Then we all went inside and did silent reading, then we did religion and had lunch. Then we played football again and made the teams a lot farer so it was a lot more enjoyable. Then we had to go inside and we did some big idea. After that we did a massive clean up and went home. When I got home I did what I usually did, I had a snack played the computer watched some TV had some dinner and went to bed.




Today I woke up nice and early I quickly got ready and went off to school.  When I got there I quickly rushed inside and did maths. We are still doing coordinates but this time we are sliding and flipping letters. Than we did literacy and had snack. At playtime we played football and it was really fun I’m really enjoying playing school footy. Then we went inside and did some silent reading and after that we did religion than had lunch. We played football than went inside and did some big idea and then went home. When I got home I played some computer had a snack watched some TV, then had dinner and went to bed.



Today I woke up like I didn’t sleep maybe I should be going to bed earlier? I got ready and was off to school. When I got to school none of my friends were there so I just walked around waiting for the bell to go. When the bell finally went I quickly went inside and did maths and then literacy. After those subjects I had snack and played football. Then I did silent reading, religion and had lunch. We played football again. After that we did big idea and then went home. When I got home why brother Joel was there so we went to the park and played basketball and then had dinner and dessert! After that I went to bed.



Today I woke up perfectly fine because I had a nice sleep because it is a weekend I get up and have breakfast and then go watch TV. After that I go play some minecraft and then watch a movie. After I go shoot some hoops with my brother and then go kick the footy with him. Then Joel came over my other brother and we went and kicked the footy again. After I played some minecraft and then had cannelloni and went to bed.



Today I woke up and then went back to sleep in a flash! Then when I woke up again I quickly got my DS and started playing a game that Hyna gave me. After that I went for a run with my dogs on the Key oval and then went back home and played some Minecraft. Then I watched
a movie and then we had dinner we had left over cannelloni and then we had ice-cream as a treat and then I went to bed.


Re: Homework

Ollie Tom and I did our Religion Investigation on Islamic people. We learnt lots of new things, just like what food they eat. For example they like to eat lots of rice, vegetables and they only eat animals that don’t kill other animals. We also learnt who their God is, his name is Alla and he believes that no one deserves freedom except for the people that believe in him. Islamic people’s rules and costumes are that no one deserves freedom except for them because that is what their God Alla wants them to believe. I thought that we could have done a bit more than a book but this something that we can improve next time.

R.E Homework: Vietnam

The Population of Vietnam- The population of Vietnam is huge because it has 77 million people just in Vietnam.

What Vietnam People Eat- Vietnam people eat Rice, Fish, Duck, Geese, Bamboo Shoots, Sweet Potato, Soybeans and Onions

The Cultures of people in Vietnam- One of the cultures in Vietnam is the meaning of Vietnamese New Year. The festival which is best at being perfect at Vietnam’s cultural identity is Vietnamese New year or Tet. Popular festivals play a major role as mirror and guardian of a nation’s cultural identity. In this aspect, the festival which best epitomizes Vietnam’s cultural identity is Tet.

Vietnam’s religions- The most believed in religion in Vietnam is Buddhism, which is also one of the world’s great religions. Buddhism was introduced into Vietnam under the Chinese domination, in the second century B.C., by Chinese immigrants and by Indian preachers coming by sea. Buddhism became the state religion of Vietnam under Ly Dynasty (1010-1214). Several kings took the cassock or retired into a pagoda after their abdication. Buddhist monks served as counsellors to the king at court. Since the Tran Dynasty (1225-1440), Buddhism has lost the status of a state religion but nevertheless remained the dominant religion in Vietnam and a major cultural force.

Reflection for Maths Workshop

Day 1

Today we created a website and put one product on. The store is virtial and we named it super savings. The price of anti stick asics powder was $25 and now is $15. Most things are on special.

Day 2

Today we put another 2 items on our website. The first one was 30% off and the second was 66.66666% off. I learned that it is easy to find the percentage if it is 100 or 1000.
Day 3

Today I learned another way hoe to find a percentage and that way is finding 10% then times it by how much you want. We also put another 2 items on our shop.

Today we created another website and put another item on it. We also spent a lot of time trying to figure out the percentage of our item but we used all that we knew to get it.

We have finished 2 websites and have gained a 15% profit and we learned a lot of different ways to find percentages.

Here are the links to both of the websites 🙂



3 Week Diary

Week One,

On Monday, I played Basketball and my team and I played an awesome game because we were working really well as a team and being unselfish.

On Tuesday, I had football training and I was on fire, every single kick was going to my target.

On Wednesday, I had Basketball and I got the assist to my friend on my team jack, who scored his first goal.

On Thursday, I kicked the footy with my brother and I smashed him to the ground.

On Friday, I went to Bundalong and spent all day playing with my favourite toddler Hunter, my God Fathers son so he could relax for 5 seconds.

On Saturday, I went water skiing in the Murray River in freezing cold water and landed my first indi on the wakeboard.

On Sunday, I played Footy and my team and I played a spectacular game, we bet a pretty good team and I got complemented by the other teams manager for good sports man ship.


Week Two,

On Monday, I played Basketball and I scored my high score of 14 points.

On Tuesday, I had football training and in the practice match I kicked 8 goals.

On Wednesday, I played Basketball and I shot a 3 pointer in the last 10 seconds.

On Thursday, I got awarded a certificate at school for fantastic leader ship at play time and lunch time.

On Friday, I played footy and I got to go in the ruck and I tapped to myself and ran twenty meters.

On Saturday, My brother and I went to the movies to see Iron Man3 and it was awesome.

On Sunday, My family and I went to my grandpa’s 80th and it was pretty boring but, the great cake made up for it.


Week Three,

On Monday, I played Basketball and my team and I bet a really good team by just one point.

On Tuesday, I had footy training and in a practice match I took on everybody and kicked a goal.

On Wednesday, I did the school tours and took the parents all around the school.

On Thursday, At school while we were playing footy, I took a massive specky on four people.

On Friday, I kicked the footy with my brother and I took a good as behind the head mark.

On Saturday, I played footy and my team and I bet a team by 214 points.

On Sunday, I was playing Basketball with my brother and I got a goal from half court.